Moving away from home and first time in the FIS circus

Hi, my name is Thomas and I am a 16 year old boy who just moved away from my parents to the west coast of Norway to attend ski gymnasium (3 year high school).  My mom has always made things look easy and by that I mean make dinner, make breakfast, clean the house, do laundry, help me with my homework and make everything go together and stuff like that.  So, when I moved out I thought things were going to be easy and I just had to focus on my skiing.

I started off with my first month of scholarship money and thought I was the richest man on the planet. After that I went out and bought some food and some useless stuff and just out of nowhere half of the money disappeared.  The money was supposed to last for two months and I was in the first week of the first month.  But after some thinking I thought of what I needed (ski equipment).

The first weeks of school were great, doing homework, relaxing and meeting new people. After these weeks we went on our first ski trip with the gymnasium. It was just the same as when we traveled in U16 but now it was a bigger pressure on you to perform from your coaches. After some of the training trips and school in-between there it started to close in to my first race as a FIS-skier.

I felt just the same way as a if it was a normal U16 race but this time I started as one of the last ones, no FIS points means dead last!  As I talked to some of the other racers who had been doing this for a year or two I had my mind on how this would turn out, meaning I would be okay.  The conditions can’t be that bad and stuff like, and even though I was going though I was going to start last and I can’t be that bad…

Yeah right, tell it like it is my parents said:  I had some big problems in the race, in both of the disciplines slalom and giant slalom.  Skiing races in U16 is one thing, skiing FIS is a totally different league, both when it comes to the difficulty of the course, the length and how much “better” all the others are.

Well, as many of my fellow classmates, there are a lot of things I have to focus on when it comes to training, both skiing, strength, balance, coordination and speed. Much can be said about the FIS circus as I am doing my best in both Slalom and GS as I’m closing in on 100 FIS points.  I know that I will make it, I just need some hundred times of skiing, technique and dryland training and for me to be the first year FIS and closing in on 100 points is very positive.  We have hard dryland training but as we say in Norway “It is only as much fun as you let it be” and having a great time skiing doing what you love the most, I can only get better!

And for the household issues and budget, I am getting better at those too.

Ligety Weibrecht Mt Hood Ski Camp